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We Are All Dead CD (2010)
Make My Day Records (MMD-046)

MP3 | "Graves"


Felo De Se LP / CDEP (2010)
Cavity Records (CVR-015)



ADAI ... I carry.
... I carry. CDEP (2008)
Radar Recordings (RDR-115)

MP3 | "Hawkins"



L to R: Justin Trujillo
Percussion | Devin Mendoza Guitars, Voice

News / Biography

Adai is a textbook example of how to do it right in today's tumultuous music biz. The two friends that comprise the band are hard-working, diligent, focused, and above all, they play a compelling, passionate blend of post-rock and metal.

"The band was originally a four piece: two guitars, bass, and a drummer. One of our guitarists and our bassist decided to leave," drummer Justin Trujillo explains. "At the time we had some of our biggest shows lined up and [guitarist/vocalist Devin and I] decided not to cancel them and instead see if we could make the two piece thing work. We got a tremendous amount of positive feedback and decided to just stick with it."

That relentless attitude is this Denver duo's M.O. For their debut EP, " ... I Carry.", surely they could have found a suitable studio in their native Colorado. But no, Trujillo and Mendoza weren't going to settle for anything less than perfect, so they toured all the way to Massachusetts to record with one of metal's most in-demand producers, Kurt Ballou (Converge, Cave In, Torche).

Since recording and self-releasing "... I Carry." in 2006-7, Adai has been hitting the road hard, touring with (future) labelmates Caspian, Junius, and Constants, among others. During that time, the band developed a relationship with Radar Recordings, who released "... I Carry." in September of 2008. "We love everyone involved with [Radar] and they're easily some of the hardest working people we've met in this industry," Trujillo says.

One gets the sense that Trujillo and Mendoza are perfectionists. From working with Kurt Ballou to tracking down Seldon Hunt (Isis, Pelican, Neurosis) to design the sleeve for "... I Carry", to choosing to continue as a duo—on their own terms—when bands with lesser mettle would have thrown in the towel prematurely. Trujillo and Mendoza clearly love what they do.

"Music for us is an emotional expression and it takes a lot for us to be satisfied with what we're doing," Trujillo explains, "That in itself has been the biggest struggle over the years we've been doing this but we couldn't be happier with the results we've got so far."

"Adai's songs are deliberate and expansive... Mournful melodies abound... build[ing] to heart-pounding peaks. Kurt Ballou's meaty production and Seldon Hunt's eye-popping artwork round out the package.” - Decibel Magazine

"Adai defies any preconceived notion of a two-piece anything: hellishly loud, terrifically slow, strikingly abrasive, yet wholly and implacably melodic." - The Onion A.V. Club

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US LABEL | Dan Philips for Cavity Records

US LABEL | Will Benoit for Radar Recordings
EU LABEL | Joerg Timp for Make My Day Records

US PRESS + RADIO | Talia Miller for ILC PR

EU PRESS + RADIO | Eike Schmale for Starkult PR

BOOKING (North America) | Duncan Rich for Bunce Booking

BAND | Justin Trujillo

Tour History

# 1 | Promo photo by Aaron Thackeray (L to R: Justin Trujillo, Devin Mendoza)
# 2 | Promo photo by Aaron Thackeray (L to R: Justin Trujillo, Devin Mendoza)

PSD | Hi Res

Press Clippings

"Heavy, slow, atmospheric and wistful, '... I carry.' delivers on its every promise." - The Aquarian

"Adai does a pretty slick job blending the later output of Isis with a few of Jupiter-era Cave In's more expansive moments. And for a band with a single guitarist, this release sure has a thick sound that isn't hindered in the least by the lack of a bassist... Adai's stripped down approach to a genre typically saturated with frivolous musical touches should raise more than a few eyebrows. '... I carry.' is a great start for a young band. Pay attention to these guys in the future." - Lambgoat

"Recorded at the mighty Godcity by Kurt Ballou, everything sounds fucking great—from the warm, resonant percussion to the massively textured walls of guitars and effects that thicken things up and really give you no indication that there are only two dudes responsible for all of this." - Aversionline

"With assistance from producer Kurt Ballou (Converge, Torche), Adai create a metallic mash of undeniable power... "The March" stomps across a figurative battlefield in a steady rain of grandiose riffs and cymbal splashes, while "A Mark of Ownership" and "Hawkins" explode with dynamic calculations that would do any math-rocker proud... the two wreak such havoc instrumentally. They're noisemakers of a different stripe." - Westword


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